Monday, November 25, 2013

Ways I Saved

Remember when I told you that I hurt my back?  Well, it pretty much prevented me from cooking much for two days, so my husband got fast food for us a couple of times.  It messed up our budget a bit and I wished I had my freezer better stocked like it had been (seems like we've been incredibly busy since Halloween!), but I'm grateful my husband took care of us!  I really needed the rest.  It's getting better.

Last week I made homemade pizza, hot chocolate from packets we got for free, two batches of black beans and cookies.  I also made Simple Yellow Rice, and Cheesy Potato Soup,  We at lots of leftovers, too!

I had about 10 bananas that began browning pretty quickly, so I threw 5 of the REALLY ripe bananas into a ziploc that I will thaw out and use in a Banana Bread recipe, and I froze the rest into packets that I will use for a Banana smoothie that I like to drink for breakfast.

I made crafts with my kids.  The Fish Friend sewing project was a big hit and they have been playing with them quite a bit!  We also made some necklaces and bracelets, and one day I cut out a bunch of crazy shapes out of different colors of construction paper and they made funny faces out of them.  All of our crafts were done with things we had on hand, so they were free to us this week.

I organized my junk drawer and a counter that is a litter magnet.  When we bought that nice desk to complete our living room update, I knew I wanted to utilize the drawer, but I didn't want it to become cluttered.  So I've been thinking about what, exactly, I wanted to go in there.  I organized it very neatly, cleaned off that counter, cleaned up the junk drawer, and these areas have become highly efficient places.  It makes me happy!

My husband and I decided we wanted to pick up a new hobby together.  We found a lot of fun ideas online.  Geocaching, creating your own comics/cartoons, juggling (ha!), playing catch, watching all of the Ken Burns documentaries, etc.  We decided we wanted to go to the library together and pick out a book to read together, and we'll probably try geocaching one day when we can swap babysitting.  We've been wanting to for several months, now.  What I loved about THIS LIST in particular, was the title "Spend Time, Not Money".  Then the author provides many things that are free or very inexpensive.  It's empowering to have a list like that when there isn't a lot of spare money floating around.

We held a couple's budget meeting.

We took inventory or the clearance things I've picked up for our children over the year for Christmas.  We just have a few things left, and I'll most likely be making them.

How did you save money this week?

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