Tuesday, November 5, 2013

FREE Printable Responsibility Chart

After all of the craziness of Halloween preparations and parties, I realized how tired our home was.  And when I am completely honest with myself, it goes back farther than that.  You see, we thought we were moving at the end of the summer, so half of our house was packed up.  We found out that we weren't moving right when we started homeschooling the kids, right when dance and swim started, and we have been so busy, busy, busy, that work on getting things unpacked and reorganized has been slow.

I've also been reminded that the clutter and disorganization takes up time and energy, which doesn't allow for much intentional living.  I like things orderly and planned with some fun spontaneity thrown in.  It has not been so in our house recently.

Over the weekend, we updated the kids' bedroom, and I cleaned up a lot of the garage.  This is a great start, but we need to maintain our hard work.  Also, my husband and I have felt that our children could be doing more in our home.  They could be contributing more for the sake of cleanliness, but also for the sake of character.  We also want them to learn to organize their time and efforts.

To aid us in our goals of raising our children and keeping house, my husband and I collaborated and came up with a Responsibility Chart.  After we decided what the list should include, I made a cute little printable for each child, stuck it in a sheet protector, and yesterday the children and I completed the tasks together.  Little Gal told me it was fun, and Little Guy stayed as focused as he could during all of the tasks.  He's a ham.  It's a little difficult for him to focus as he really just wants to be goofy all the time!

It made me happy to work through their routine with them.  I think it will especially help Little Gal to know that she can do a lot of things, which is something that she struggles with at times.  She gets that "I Can't" attitude and it's difficult for her to push through tasks sometimes.  I notice that the more responsibility she has, the less we hear that.  I think it will help Little Guy focus on getting tasks done.

I thought you might like to see our chart, but I've also included a free printable Responsibility Chart that has been left blank for your use.  I hope you enjoy!

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