Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hmmm. What Happened to My Back???

Well, my friends, I had a wonderful post planned for today.  I took all of the photos for it, we actually had a sunny day yesterday so I had good light to take them in, and I even had a good amount typed out.  However, my lower back had been hurting for several days (note the foreshadowing) and when I was doing some garden work yesterday, I felt my spine work into a nasty throb.

I finished up my work oh so carefully--my neighbors probably thought I was nuts--and then went inside.  Could I rest yesterday?  Nope!  I just had to deal with it and everyone else had to deal with me wincing and grunting.  Ha!  I finally got to lay down at about 6:30.  Monday through Wednesday are a madhouse around here!  Sleep helped a bit, but I just couldn't finish up the post in time.

So!  This little Fish Friend picture is just a teaser.  I'm hoping to have the complete post up tomorrow.

Have a great Thursday, everyone!  It's almost the weekend!

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