Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What Do You Watch While You Sew or Craft?

I have been sewing quite a bit the past month.  I've always enjoyed sewing, but there are definitely times when the well goes dry and then I don't sew for months.  The time in my married life when I sewed the most consistently was the year we lived in a home that had enough rooms to designate a sewing room.  When I look back to the things that I made during that year, and the things that I learned, it was wonderful and I hope that I can someday have a sewing room again.  

As we have been reorganizing and updating our home, I have my eye on a few spaces that I'd like to make my sewing storage, so that it is easier to access it.  However, I have been hand sewing the last few days and it has reminded me of how fun, fulfilling and satisfying it is.  I hand sewed a whole lot as a child, but had grown impatient with it in the past few years.  In keeping a sewing box handy with my project in it, I've realized that one of the beauties of it is not needing to pull out the machine and all of the set-up that goes along with it.

The women's night sparked a desire to sew more by hand.  It was so fun to sit mending and cutting while chatting with other women who were doing the same.  Reading The Prudent Homemaker's Gift a Day series has made me want to make more gifts by hand.  My time, thoughts of the person as I create the gift, and physical effort are truly the greatest gifts that I have to give.  

Sometimes I wish that I lived in times of sewing circles and wearing dresses.  I love the earthiness of it.  When I sew, I often turn on a period film to get my fill of creating something beautiful while watching such wonderful stories unfold.

Today when I sewed while my children were resting during nap time, I turned on this Pride and Prejudice, which has grown on me considerably.  I also love the more modern version with Kiera Nightley, however, I like the depth that the BBC version has time to go into.  You can watch it for free if you have Amazon Prime, by the way.

What do you watch while you create?  What is your favorite Jane Austen film adaptation?


  1. the PBS version also. I mend at the kitchen table right under the light for best vision. That is where my laptop is. Last night I was mending a worn waistband (the fabric had weakened and exposed the elastic) and I watched an episode of PSYCH that we own on DVD and an episode of the Murdoch Mysteries from the public library.

    It's easier to watch something I am familiar with as then I can just listen rather than a new show that I have to keep my eye on.

    We also have EMMA on DVD.

  2. I usually watch something familiar so I can listen, also!

    I'll have to check Psych and the Murdoch Mysteries out. I know a lot of people that like Psych, Thank you for sharing!