Friday, November 22, 2013

Easy Sewing Project for Boys or Girls

We love crafts and sewing projects in our house.  Two nights ago, we had about 30 minutes before bed and I wanted to do something fun but quiet with the kids.  We hadn't pulled my daughter's sewing kit out in a little while, so I decided that it would be the perfect project for us.

Instead of having my husband spend time with Little Guy while Little Gal and I sewed, I decided that I would let Little Gal work on a project that I designed (this pattern will come too!), and let Little Guy work on a different project that I designed.

It was wonderful to sew with both of them.  Little Guy is only 3.5 and I helped him handle the needle with the first few stitches, then let him do the rest while I held the fabric.  He was SO proud of himself.  Little Gal is 5.5 and was able to do her project almost all by herself.

If you have lots of children on your gift list for Christmas this year, this pattern could be printed out, the supplies gathered or purchased and given as a gift.  It would be very inexpensive, but meaningful.  Most children will need supervision, so this gift could be given with your time and attention attached.

The project that I created for Little Guy was a Fish Friend.  Print the pattern below, gather the supplies and your child, and let's go!


One sheet (9" x 12") of felt in desirable color
*Craft thread (embroidery thread would work, but this craft thread works great for kids)
Chenille Needle
2 buttons for eyes
One printable pattern

First, print and cut out the Fish Friend Pattern.  Use chalk or another marking tool to trace two Fish onto the felt.  Using scissors, cut the two fish out.  Mark the pieces where the dots are on the pattern.  This is where you'll sew the buttons on for eyes.

There is a large cutting margin since chalk leaves a thick mark.  If your child is older and wants it to be more precise, use an instrument that will leave a thinner line.  Instruct young children to cut within the chalk markings.  Remember, it is not going to be perfect, and that's ok!  They're learning and they'll build so much confidence as the positives are noted.

Select or allow your child to select the buttons they'd like to use.  You'll need two.  One for each Fish Friend piece.  Using a Single-threaded needle, tie a knot in the thread, and sew 4 stitches to attach the button to one piece.  Repeat with the second Fish Friend piece.

Now each of your Fish Friend cutouts has an eye sewn on, you need to lay the two pieces down, wrong sides together with the eyes on the outside.  Pin in place.

They will probably not match up perfectly if your child used a wide cutting margin.  Remember!  This is ok!  They are learning.  If you need to trim a bit, go for it.  It doesn't need to be perfect, but your child will be happier if it looks like a fish, not a rectangle.

Using the single threaded needle again, make large running stitches around the entire fish, about 1/4" from the edge, with stitches about 3/8" apart.  Tie off the thread, and you're done!  Good work!

*This is not an affiliate link.  This is simply the craft thread that we use and it is especially good for kiddo fingers.

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