Thursday, October 3, 2013

Story Time at your Local Library

Does your library offer Story Time for young children?  Ours does, and it's a fantastic program.  They offer two different sessions, so if this whole library story time is news to you, make sure you ask about ALL of the libraries near you and at what times the program is offered.  Also, I'm reminding you because libraries often offer reading programs in the summer instead of the story time, so we're just back in session at this library.  You might want to ask about that when you go to the library as well.

We've never had a library that didn't offer Story Time, but this particular library happens to be wonderful with children.  Try it out!


The book above is the book we read last week at Story Time.  I have not received anything and will not receive anything for displaying it.  I just thought it was a very cute and sweet book!

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