Thursday, October 10, 2013

In the Garden

With our new Garden Beds in, the greenhouse set up, and our summer crops all harvested and cleared out, we're working on the fall and winter crops.  I'm hoping there are enough sunny days left to get them grown enough to enjoy.  Between what was in the garden, and what's now in the garden, we've got some good stuff growing.

Remember when I pulled up my Green Tomatoes to let them ripen on my counter? Well, I'm happy to say that we've had more than half of them ripen and they are safely nestled in a freezer bag in the freezer, awaiting more tomato buddies for me to turn into sauce.

I got another gallon bag 2/3 full yesterday, which makes me very happy!  I also was able to condense down to one tray.  I'd had about 5 bowls and the tray.  Whew!  Took up a LOT of space.

In the garden beds, we have lots of seedlings.  Radishes, lettuce, spinach, kale, basil (apparently snails like basil.  They mowed all but one down, so I covered it with a jar!), LOTS of carrots, onions, and green onions.  About half of the garlic cloves have shown their faces and I need to mulch them TODAY.

The pallet has been almost completely transplanted with strawberries.  I'd planted some snow peas there before the beds were built.  They look like they're about to bloom, but I'm not really certain.  I've never grown them before!

The greenhouse has some strawberries, parsley, basil, cilantro, green onion transplants, and lots of sown lettuce, purple-headed broccoli, and leeks.  I noticed a few broccoli and lettuce seeds had germinated, so hopefully that works out!

How's your garden growing?

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