Tuesday, October 15, 2013

How to Make a Scrappy Pumpkin Craft

It's Fall and I'm so excited! I love all of the cozy things we have to eat, special treats, pumpkins, candles, and decorations.

And CRAFTS!  Don't forget about the crafts!  I'm not sure about your pinterest boards, or the blogs you follow, but mine are booming with this craft or that craft.

Here is a simple one that we created at our home school group last week.  All of the kiddos participated (aged 2-5) and had fun creating their own unique design.

You can use any pumpkin printout, or just color one of your own, but I chose this PUMPKIN one for its simplicity and ease of use.

Our kids had fun making them, but wouldn't they be cute invitations?  Or framed?  Or maybe as place cards?  I think they'd be super cute, just size it down or up accordingly.

Ready to make one?

Here's what you'll need:

*1 Pumpkin Outline
* Pile of scrap papers in different colors (I used scrapbook paper cut into 2.5" strips, but construction would work too!)
* Glue stick
* Scissors
* Markers or crayons

First off, Color your pumpkin.  This is where our kids got really creative!  You'll be cutting around the outline of the pumpkin, so it's ok if a little gets outside of the lines, and also, you don't want to spend time coloring out there.  It's just going to get cut off.

Now you want to flip your paper over.  Grab the scraps, and make sure all sides of the scraps have glue on them.  Layer, lay in rows, whatever!  Just make sure glue is covering the back of each piece.  Also, make sure that the scraps go just outside of the outline of the pumpkin.  This is where it's nice if you can see through the paper to cover the outline.

See?  No need to glue scraps on the whole paper.  You're just going to cut it off!  Allow to dry.

Now, flip your paper back over, and cut out the pumpkin along the outside line of your pumpkin outline.  Some kids might need help here, but the bigger kids did a great job with that thick black line.

You're Finished!  Enjoy your fun, Scrappy Pumpkin and enjoy your Fall!

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