Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Free Printable Freezer Inventory Chart

Ever since I started cooking ahead and keeping sides and meals in my freezer, I've kept a freezer inventory chart.  However, this was just a sheet of notebook paper, hastily ripped out of a binder and quickly scribbled on.  

In each row, I'd write down the item I had made and then make a tally for each serving that I threw into the freezer.  Yikes!  It got ugly towards the end when all of the tally lines were cross-marked and smooshed onto the line again and again, with the tallies getting closer and closer to the titles of the dishes as I added more and more tally marks.  You see, I was avoiding "making" another inventory chart out of notebook paper.

So I created a pretty Freezer Inventory Chart.  Something that would actually look nice as it adorned my refrigerator or the inside of my cupboard door.  It is going to be very nice to have it on a nicer, more organized paper!

I wanted you to be able to try it out as well, so I made it a complimentary printable...I think!  The more I work with this blog and experiment with and try new things, I realize how little I know about the behind-the-scenes working of websites.  Who knew just how difficult it would be to create a printable document!?!

If you wouldn't mind, if you try printing the Inventory Chart, please let me know how it goes in the comments.  I'm learning, and I'm having fun learning, but in the end, I want this to be a frustration-free place for you, the readers. 

How do you keep track of your freezer meals?  Any favorite recipes?


  1. It printed out easily for me! I just had to sign in to my FB account and it was all ready to go. I think I will laminate mine with Contact paper and use a dry erase marker on it - I happen to have a huge roll of the stuff from old projects. :)

  2. Great! I'm glad it worked. Oh, Contact paper is a great idea!