Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hangin' With my Gnomies

I used to think that garden gnomes were a little goofy.  I didn't understand why anybody would buy one without it being some sort of joke.  Pardon my error, friends! 

When my sister sent a link to the One Hundred Dollars a Month blog, I immediately enjoyed it and began viewing it daily to see what Mavis was up to for the day.  Soon after following her blog, I discovered that she's started a Send in the Gnomes Project to raise funds for St. Jude's Children's Hospital.  Per each gnome that she receives by August 1st (up to 10,000!!), she's going to donate $10.00.  Creative fundraiser, and that's an amazing amount of money for one person to fund.

Well, as I've been looking around for a decent-priced gnome to send in, I've learned to love them.  When I found this little guy on steep discount at Jo-Ann Fabrics, I HAD to buy one for Mavis...and myself!  So here is my first Garden Gnome.  I haven't named him yet.  Not sure I will!  Not sure if he's the first of many, or the first and last.  All I know is that he makes me smile every time I see him.

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