Saturday, June 29, 2013

Two New Garden Friends!!

My husband and I do our best to follow pretty closely to Dave Ramsey's financial plan. One thing we do very well, is budget out blow money. The only problem is, I spend my money on what makes me happy, and seeing my family happy makes me happy, and so I usually buy things for other people with my blow money. Honestly, I'm not a fashion gal, I don't have too many wants, all of our needs are met or being met. It's amazing how little one truly needs.

This month, though, I was determined to buy something just for me. Well, until the fruit ripens! Then I'll share! ;)

I bought a Top Hat dwarf blueberry and a Pink Lemonade blueberry plant!! I'm super excited!!! I'd read about these Punk Lemonade blueberries online (supposedly taste the same, but are pink) and was very surprised to find them at my local nursery.

I waited very patiently for three weeks until our paycheck came in and blow money was dispersed and then, BAM! Off to the nursery I went.

I will admit, everybody else must have been tempted by these berries full of gorgeous blueberries because it was quite picked over from last time. The Top Hat variety was the last one, and there were only a few Pinks left as well. However, I'm happy! Budget well spent!

Should I share my blueberries?? ;)

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